The Mermaid Hair of Daryl Hannah

Darryl Hannah’s hair as a mermaid in the 1984 movie, Splash, made it to the books of fashion. Although the movie may feel a bit absurd when you watch it now, the hair is still timeless. Hannah wore perfect mermaid hair that remained as her signature years after the movie was shown. The hair was long, flowy, and has the right waves at the right places.

Hannah sported the look at the 1999 Cannes Film Festival with adornments that include oval sunglasses and chandelier earrings. Since many people are growing their hair during this pandemic, it seems timely to recreate and celebrate the enduring mermaid hair popularized by Hannah.

First, you need your locks to look healthy. You can do this by applying products intended to keep your mane looking regal. You also need to use the right tools to attain the wavy texture without overdoing it. With practice and the right attitude when creating this hair fashion, you can proudly show it off in a TikTok video or add to the boards of your hair-inspiration on Pinterest.