Rihanna – A Great Fashionista

You will never run out of fashionable pictures of Rihanna, who has made a great impact in the fashion industry. This lady is oozing with confidence that she could easily pass a piece of rug for a fashion must-have. Her style is inspirational, aspirational, and curious. She is fearless and would certainly wear outfits you’d not even dare to put on yourself.

Rihanna can turn something revealing into a piece of sexy and yet elegant clothing. She can make anything that looks ordinary appear fun and playful. She has a unique taste that she was able to showcase in Fenty, her LVMH-backed luxury brand. While Fenty’s closure was announced recently, there’s no stopping Rihanna from being the fashion icon she is.

The lady has graced many fashion brands as a muse and has won the Met Gala several times. She has sported a wide range of looks through the years – from simple ready-to-wear, emerging labels, custom haute couture, and high street fashion. She has also done a lot of collaborations throughout the years. 

A trendsetter and a trend-starter – that’s how Rihanna is perceived in the world of fashion.