Stop Asian Hate in the Fashion World

Beauty and fashion industry professionals continue to come together to protect the Asian American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community members. The group is tasked with bringing forward news about what these people are facing – micro-aggressions, hate, discrimination, and physical violence.

In line with the goal, the hashtag #StopAsianHate is being promoted by high-profile figures, influencers, editors, and fashion designers on their social media pages. They are speaking out their appeal to people to stop the violence against Asians, which has become a bigger problem amid the pandemic.

Philip Lim, a known designer, called on personalities with Asian lineage, including civil rights activist Amanda Nguyên, journalist Lisa Ling, and actors Daniel Wu and Daniel Dae Kim, to use their networks to get the message across a wider audience. 

He is appealing to people to stop the silence and, in his own way, help the people involved gain confidence to speak out to end the violence.

While this may be a long process, it is still a good start where people come together with one goal, which is to raise awareness. Even if the news about the AAPI community does not get featured in mainstream media, they can all maximize the power of social media to get their message across to stop Asian hate in the beauty and fashion industry.