Suggesting the Appointment of a Fashion Czar in President Biden’s Term

A fashion Czar is a person that serves as a high-level advisor. They implement changes to coordinate people and fashion industry policies. The fashion industry is big and global, but it remains mostly unregulated up to this day. But why is this? This is because the industry is among the biggest causes of carbon emission that impact both the environment and human rights.

This prompted a group of non-profits, journalists, and brands to sign a letter requesting President Biden to appoint a fashion czar. It is high time that the industry gets regulated similar to other industries. This will help end the social ills and environmental concerns plaguing the industry for a long time already.

Fast Company’s Elizabeth Segran first presented the idea. It became a jumping-off point for political consultant Hilary Jochmans to craft the letter addressed to the president. She included the impact that the fashion industry has and how the regulation can help in stopping the anomalies.

To date, the signatories include brands such as Reformation, Allbirds, Thredup, and Mara Hoffman. Non-profits include Sustainable Brooklyn, Fashion Revolution USA, Fibershed, and the journalists from Harper’s Bazaar.

It will be a matter of time before it is fully known whether the letter will achieve its goal or not.