How to Bring Inclusivity to Fashion Publishing

In her interview with The Washington, Samira Nasr expressed her intentions of making fashion publishing more inclusive. She is the first woman of color to become editor-in-chief of Harper’s Bazaar. She said that it feels like she has joined a party – the luxury fashion, and now, she wants more people to join to make the party more enjoyable.

Tamu McPherson relayed in an interview for Footwear News how she can get major European luxury fashion brands to give importance to black creatives. The renowned editor, photographer, and writer did not have an easy start. 

At first, she felt like the industry was not welcoming, but it did not stop her from proving herself and making a mark. She is now enjoying the fruits of her hard work and confidence, and she wants to share the spotlight with others who are at the point in their lives where they feel too little. She wants to use her influence to help and open the doors of fashion publishing to more people.

The first black model signed by Revlon in 1992, Veronica Webb, also expressed her high hopes to create more opportunities for men and women of color. With the likes of Nasr, McPherson, and Webb making their marks and paying it forward, the future is bright for people of any race to penetrate the world of fashion.