Beyoncé Showing Off a Versace Breakout Dress

The Movie Awards and MTV’s VMAs red carpet make excellent points of reference when compiling the list of the “Great Outfits in Fashion History.” While many celebrities have had their hits and miss in these venues, no designers could ever go wrong in dressing up Beyoncé.

She is the type of celebrity that would still look stylish no matter what you make her wear. One of her most unforgettable outfits was the one she wore at the MTV Movie Awards in 2003 – a lace-up green dress with asymmetrical handkerchief and corset detailing. It was actually the same dress that Christina Aguilera wore in Versace’s ad campaign for Fall 2003.

It looked fun and sexy at the same time. To complement the dress, Beyoncé had smoky eyes, a necklace to behold, and strappy sandals. Fast forward to 2021, the necklace still looks like it belongs to the debut collection of Giovanna Engelbert at Swarovski. It would be fun to recreate the whole palette and play with other fashion elements to leave a good impression since Beyoncé’s fashion sense is hard to bring down.