Fashion Week

The Beauty Looks that Stood Out at the New York Fashion Week Fall 2021

The fall collection gave a different feel from the events held in the past years. All featured collections became even more memorable as they were presented with varying nail, hair, and makeup looks.

Big and bold best describe the trend in hair accessories, which looks timeless and nostalgic. Claudia Li made artful headpieces the center of her collections, while intricate hairstyles with jewel-like designs took center stage for Olivia and Kim Shui’s runway. Models for Sandy Liang’s collection had big, black headbands with a 90s grunge touch and the 60s vibes. The headbands from Sandy’s collection were black and stretchy and came close to the model’s hairlines. On the other hand, Anna Sui teamed up with hairstylist Garren, who made bouncy and wrapped-up hairstyles in triangle bandanas. 

Jason Wu’s models embraced natural hair textures with varying looks created by the braiding master and known hairstylist Lacy Redway. Each hairstyle suited the models’ uniqueness and features.

The makeup department featured different collections. One recurring theme is the look with thick, black eyeliner. Lipsticks were bold and deep – all signifying hope that there will come a time when masks will no longer be part of everybody’s getup.  Stylish nails added glamor to the models’ overall look – highlighting or contrasting their makeup or what they were wearing.