Fashion Week

US Fashion Week List

Fashion Week in the United States of America is not only about Los Angeles and New York. Many other states hold regular special fashion events. While other events have already gained attention outside of their localities, here are some of the events worth checking out: 

Fashion Week Alabama

The first event in Alabama was held in 2011 through the all-volunteer Alabama Fashion Alliance. It has since become an anticipated event for small businesses, upcoming designers, and known brands and designers.

Birmingham, Alabama Fashion Week

It was started in 2011 by childhood friends Jeana Lee Thompson, a retail business expert, and Heidi Elnora, a designer, for all the fashion enthusiasts in the locality. It highlighted local designers and big-time fashion brands.

Phoenix Fashion Week

Aside from the fashion week, the organization holds special fashion events throughout the year to promote the industry. The event aims to tap the global market and take the Arizona fashion industry to another level. 

Connecticut Fashion Week

This event has been making waves in the fashion industry for more than five years, nailing the runway with the best pieces from the locals and famous brands. It also raises funds by holding charity-driven events.

Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week

This is a non-profit organization, the Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week. It gives the local fashion community an opportunity to show what they’ve got to a bigger audience.

Baltimore, Maryland Fashion Week

Baltimore’s Fashion Week’s first runway was first launched in 2008, two years after the event was founded. It features select designers and the event raises money for the underserved youth being supported by the Fashion Umbrella Foundation.