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5 Trendy Ways to Wear a Hoodie

Wearing custom hoodies is a simple expression of coolness and style while staying comfortable on them. You see people put on this favorite fashion staple, ordinary workers or CEOs.

According to a designer, the hoodie’s history stretches back to the ancient times of the Greeks and the Romans. Then by the 17th century, women began wearing them to hide their identities, especially during meet-ups with their lovers. The modernized hoodie, considered more relaxed and easygoing, was then devised by a clothing company, the Knickerbocker Knitting Company.

This was then in the 1930s. Initially, it was designed to keep warehouse laborers warm in Upstate New York during the winter. The sports apparel company named Champion later created it for both workers and athletes.

The hoodies’ saga is indeed quite colorful. And as sportswear, it has gone a long way from runways to urban subcultures. Nowadays, the bridge over hip-hop and high fashion set them off to shine as fixtures on catwalks in fashion capitals of the world: New York, Paris, and Tokyo.

Hoodies are great outerwear as a whole. There are practical and trendy ways to transform your looks while wearing them. Here are five tricks to don it.

1. Put on your hoodie as part of a layered look

A zip-up hoodie should be worn as a mid-layer over an untucked t-shirt and with a jacket or overcoat to make it appear more fashionable. Sporting with slim jeans and nice sneakers, you cannot go wrong. Give thought as well to the right color combination.

2. Have it as part of an athleisure look

The key to an athleisure look is comfort and coolness. Opt for a cotton material on the zip-up hoodie underneath a soft bomber jacket. Combine with smart-fitted joggers and a pair of stylish sneakers. Choose colors like grey, black, or navy for the hoodies, black or dark blue for the joggers to complete the look. Athleisure influences together with a touch of modern city style.

3. Wear a jacket over your hoodie

It is one of the classic options to wear. The combination is sleek and ultramodern and provides warmth, specifically under a leather jacket. You can both wear the zip-up hoodie and the leather jacket (choose biker) in black colors and a different color for the jeans as long as it corresponds to the right combination.  A pair of leather boots is suggested to complement them.

4. You may wear it with tailoring

Both custom t-shirts and hoodies are in fashion these days. You may wear nice personalized t-shirts under your hoodies, but when you overhear a hoodie worn underneath a suit or a blazer, you may wonder if this is possible. A hoodie made of luxe material may be put on over a softer tailored jacket along with tailored trousers and negligible lace-up sneakers.

5. Put it on it with Tailored Trousers

Add some style to the hoodie by choosing neutral colors such as black or dark gray. It upgrades its appearance to a sleeker look. Choose wide-legged trousers and high-end sports sneakers, and that’s it.

It is simply a kind of sweatshirt that features a hood. Because of its revival, dressing up the hoodie is now possible. You will only have to go for a good fit, quality materials, and items of clothing that complement well with it.